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Cover sketch and titles by Andy Roberts 

Two years ago today, Andy Roberts of Linus, friend to me and many others, died. The last letter I got from him contained a mixtape. The very first track on it was one of his, called Bedroom Behemoths. He'd been doing a project to part-fund his MA, called Mister Songs where (for a handsome fee of £50) he'd write a song on your choice of topic. In the event, neither MA nor project was ever to be finished.

I went back to the Mister Songs journal, to check whether it would be OK to share the song in question, and he says:

The deal is: you get to copy the song as many times as you like for friends etc, though the copyright remains with me. Your name and the origin of the song will be described on the sleevenotes of the compiled collection (unless you ask me to do otherwise).

So, OK then. On this, the anniversary of his death, I'm going to share it, with any of his friends (or mine) who want to hear it. 

I asked him (I think) to write about plastic dinosaurs, hair dye and gin.

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